Independent analyst firm and customer Trilio’s case study confirms StormForge’s delivers a cloud-based solution using machine learning to optimize Kubernetes application and resource efficiency

BOSTON, October 26, 2021 — StormForge, the leader in cloud-native application performance testing and resource optimization, today announced it has achieved technical validation from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG, a Division of TechTarget), an independent analyst firm that delivers market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community. ESG’s analysis is detailed in a new report released today, “StormForge: Optimizing Kubernetes Application and Resource Efficiency with Machine Learning.”

The explosive growth of cloud-native and microservices applications has changed the way that businesses approach their technology infrastructure. It is no longer enough to stand up a Kubernetes cluster and leave it at that. In fact, 91 percent of IT professionals believe their IT organization has to move faster than it did three years ago, according to the ESG 2021 Data Infrastructure Trends survey, while managing cloud native and container technologies are only making things more complex. StormForge’s dedicated ML-powered platform is purpose-built for Kubernetes and accelerates cloud-native deployments, giving businesses a true competitive advantage.

“StormForge can eliminate time-consuming and manual testing and tuning, helping organizations make better Kubernetes resource decisions, achieve their business objectives, reduce costs and keep developers focused on innovation,” said Kerry Dolan, senior IT validation analyst at ESG. “The company’s ML-powered platform can transform the Kubernetes experience in IT organizations across industries. This is truly a powerful solution that comes at just the right time.”

ESG is recognized for its in-depth and independent technical validation research, with recent reports conducted for Dell, Google Cloud, NetApp, Nutanix and many more:

“Anywhere we can save time, there is a direct correlation to lower cost. StormForge saves us time and money. In my opinion, any development team should be using it,” said Prashanto Kochavara, director of product at Trilio.

ESG found the StormForge solution to be:

  • Proactive. Experiments are done in a pre-production cluster, so IT can identify the optimal configuration before implementing it. Organizations gain insight into how applications will perform with various resource allocations and how much those allocations impact cost. Building this into the CI/CD process ensures optimization as applications change.
  • Single platform. Load testing and optimization are built into a single platform, so no integration is needed. StormForge also supports importing an organization’s current load testing into the optimization engine.
  • Automated and machine-learning driven. Machine-learning drives rapid load test experiments across multiple parameters. Tests are created in minutes and scale to hundreds of thousands of requests and millions of concurrent users; results of each trial inform the next one.
  • Visual. StormForge creates the right test, automates as it learns from each iteration, and delivers a visual representation of the optimal configuration as well as numerous options. Users click on each data point to identify and export the configuration.
  • Purpose built for Kubernetes. StormForge works on any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution.

“StormForge is dedicated to helping enterprise customers realize the promise of digital transformation, in particular the technical and business benefits of a hybrid cloud environment,” said Matt Provo, CEO of StormForge. “We are excited to receive ESG’s validation of our ability to optimize Kubernetes resource efficiency and cut through the complexities of an ever-changing enterprise, ensuring application performance at the lowest possible cost and least amount of effort.”

To read the entire technical validation and report from ESG, please visit:

StormForge and ESG will host a webinar to review the findings of the technical validation on December 1, 12:00pm ET. Register for the event.

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