StormForge and Liquid Reply partner to combine consultancy expert knowledge with cutting-edge machine learning technology

Cambridge, Mass., May 16, 2023 — StormForge, the leader in Kubernetes resource optimization, today announced their partnership with Liquid Reply. The Germany- based company, specialized in Cloud Native Development, Kubernetes Platform Engineering and FinOps, adds StormForge’s Kubernetes resource optimization solution Optimize Live to their solutions portfolio for developers. 

Saul O’Driscoll, Cloud Native Engineer at Liquid Reply, is enthusiastic about the new partnership and feels like having found the match made in heaven with StormForge. Customers now benefit from the partnership by receiving Liquid Reply’s cloud expertise boosted by StormForge‘s elegant resource optimizations. 

In deployments of all sizes we keep seeing developers struggle with the in-humane task of Kubernetes resource rightsizing, states Saul O’Driscoll. The Cloud Native Engineer is excited about having customizable solutions which can be altered according to preference and allow customers and development teams to focus on their core tasks. 

Saul O’Driscoll is convinced of the benefits customers gain from integrating StormForge:

We are thrilled to partner with an innovative company that shares our commitment to optimizing Kubernetes deployments for businesses of all sizes. By combining our consultancy expertise with their cutting-edge machine learning technology, we are able to offer a seamless and effective solution that empowers developers to focus on their core responsibilities, while ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost efficiency.“

 – Saul O’Driscoll, Cloud Native Engineer at Liquid Reply

Optimize Live

For Liquid Reply, the StormForge solution Optimize Live is a perfect fit. It delivers auto applied recommendations based on data from their environment. As a result, the customers experience improved resource efficiency, reduced operational costs, and enhanced application performance. 

StormForge Solutions Architect, Niels Roetert, describes the benefits afforded by the solution:

Niels Roetert

“StormForge Optimize Live provides Pod resource right-sizing and can set optimal TargetUtilisation values for Kubernetes HPA to operate on. It does so continuously and without any human effort at large scale. This results in resource and cost savings most of the time, but also detects under provisioned resources resulting in a better performing and more reliable application, which is a win-win for the application owner either way.”

 – Niels Roetert, Solutions Architect at StormForge

The partnership aligns flawlessly with Liquid Reply’s Platform Engineering and FinOps Advisory values, ensuring that customers get the most value out of their Kubernetes deployments and a direct line to StormForge’s enterprise support suite.

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