StormForge and TalentFormation partner to ensure Kubernetes efficiency and optimize costs for long-term operations

Cambridge, Mass., June 7, 2023 — StormForge, the leader in Kubernetes resource optimization, today announced their partnership with TalentFormation. The German-based company helps other companies to transform their organization and develop, implement and operate new digital business models to perform and grow sustainably. Knowing that the issue of efficiency is business-critical for customers these days, TalentFormation has found a strong partner in StormForge with whom they can ensure the efficiency of Kubernetes. TalentFormation will add StormForge’s Kubernetes resource optimization solution Optimize Live to their solutions portfolio. 

Benedikt Stemmildt emphasizes the high value that the StormForge solution adds to TalentFormation’s existing services:

Benedikt Stemmildt

An essential part for us is also the internalization and enablement of the client. StormForge makes a crucial contribution here, because even after we hand over, Kubernetes costs are optimized for long-term operation. This means that less knowledge needs to be passed on and developers can concentrate on their core tasks, as optimal resource allocation and cost efficiency are already guaranteed.

 – Benedikt Stemmildt, CTO at TalentFormation

Optimize Live

TalentFormation develops many projects for their customers on Kubernetes clusters of any kind, highly responsible and with an eye on the costs. With StormForge’s Optimize Live, the TalentFormation team is able to right-size containers running on Kubernetes with minimal setup or configuration effort. This is reflected both in labor savings, improved reliability of the workloads and in even more favorable costs for customers.

StormForge Solutions Architect, Will Bush, summarizes the advantages:

Will Bush Headshot

“StormForge Optimize Live enables continuous workload optimisation for Kubernetes at scale. This means pods are always right-sized, and the HPA is always set to the optimal target utilisation. Wasted resources are minimised without sacrificing application performance or reliability. SREs and Developers love the fact that we allow users to download recommendations from the API as native Kubernetes YAML objects and integrate them into their CI/CD pipeline. StormForge Optimize Live takes the guesswork out of configuring your Kubernetes apps and helps you rationalise the sheer number of changes that need to be continuously deployed to keep your apps running reliably and cost-efficiently.”

 – Will Bush, Solutions Architect at StormForge

About TalentFormation

TalentFormation is a Company Rebuilder that helps companies transform their organization and develop, implement and operate new digital business models to perform and grow sustainably. With a network of tech service providers, solopreneurs and freelancers, TalentFormation forms highly effective product teams that enable companies to compete with disruptive competitors. For small business owners, TalentFormation provides the environment to build and scale their company within the TalentFormation Network.

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StormForge brings together world-class data scientists and software engineers to enable breakthrough IT and operations efficiency. StormForge is set apart by its unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to help people, not replace them. The StormForge platform uses ML to significantly reduce cloud costs and improve reliability by right-sizing Kubernetes application resources, automatically and continuously. For more information, please visit:

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