StormForge paves the way for effortless application and infrastructure efficiency as the only solution to combine proactive pre-production and production optimization in one Machine Learning platform

Cambridge, Mass. February 23, 2022 — StormForge, the leader in cloud-native application performance testing and resource optimization, today announced StormForge Optimize Live, a new solution for automatically and intelligently improving the efficiency of production environments. Optimize Live analyzes existing observability data using machine learning to recommend real-time configuration changes that reduce resource usage and cost while ensuring application performance. The new solution is part of the StormForge platform, which now closes the loop between pre-production and production optimization to proactively and continuously ensure peak efficiency for organizations using Kubernetes.

“StormForge Optimize Live builds out the StormForge platform to deliver the first intelligent optimization for cloud native pre-production and production cloud native environments,” said Matt Provo, CEO and founder, StormForge. “StormForge informs, optimizes and operates throughout the entire cloud-native development cycle for both developers and operations managers who require an intelligent and comprehensive platform that maximizes their returns on Kubernetes investments. This is how we all realize the promise of Kubernetes and cloud native.”

The rapid adoption of Kubernetes and cloud native technologies is creating new and sometimes unexpected complexities in the enterprise, and the myriad of tools trying to address this environment have only widened that complexity gap. In parallel, the amount of data being collected by enterprises has reached unprecedented levels, while the value of that collected data remains untapped because of a lack of intelligent optimization platforms. Traditional observability tools are limited in their ability to inform teams on actionable insights. StormForge Optimize Live supports modern architecture and operations requirements by going a level deeper to draw performance insights on all the data collected, informing and optimizing cloud native environments. 

“We assessed our options and StormForge quickly emerged as the ideal solution – the others didn’t provide the intelligence needed and wouldn’t be as effective in addressing the needs of certain customers,” said Charley Dublin, Vice President of Product Management at Acquia. “We believe StormForge has been a game changer and can help us accelerate the value we deliver.”

“It is a challenge to efficiently provision the correct resources for containerized apps, and organizations are left either overprovisioning or doing a lot of manual work to calibrate their infrastructure,” said James Governor, Principal Analyst and co-founder, RedMonk. “Every enterprise is trying to find the optimal balance between performance and cost. StormForge is trying to make this process easy and intuitive for cloud native development teams with machine learning and automation.”

StormForge Optimize Live is ML-powered multi-dimensional optimization. The ML goes beyond cost or performance to enable intelligent business trade-offs. It is purpose-built for Kubernetes and lays the foundation to optimize the entire Kubernetes stack, including application, pod and container. It runs in any CNCF-certified distribution. It includes automated optimization, enabling fast time-to-value with one-click deployment for production optimization and automated Rapid Experimentation for pre-production. And it leverages existing data to deliver insights and optimization from observability and cost data already being collected.

“While it’s no secret that cloud and Kubernetes-related bills are on the rise, our FinOps for Kubernetes microsurvey found that costs are often mitigated by how well companies are able to accurately and effectively monitor Kubernetes costs, predict those costs and instill processes that can curtail unnecessary overspend,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO at Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Intelligent and automated solutions like those we see coming from StormForge and others can help optimize cloud native infrastructure and reduce unnecessary spending. We’re encouraged by these technological advances.” 

Additional StormForge Optimize Live features and benefits include: 

  • Leverages Machine Learning (ML) for continuous optimization of production environments
  • Analyzes observability data to recommend resource settings (CPU, memory, replicas) for improved efficiency with initial Prometheus and Datadog integrations 
  • Provides improved recommendations versus those provided by VPA due to ML of customers’ specific environment
  • Offers configurable policies for flexibility (for example, auto or manual approval of recommendations by namespace)
  • Leverages the foundation of the StormForge platform with common user management, SSO, RBAC, release automation and more.

“Cloud and cloud native technologies have changed the way enterprises manage resources. This creates opportunity for innovative performance and optimization solutions,” said Joe Daly, Director of Community at FinOps Foundation. “StormForge is among a very select group of companies innovating to deliver to developers, operations managers and finance teams modern, intelligent solutions that give FinOps practitioners insights into their environments that allow them to take their practice to the next level.” 

StormForge platform updates for enterprise-readiness are also being announced today: RBAC system; 24/7 production support; and air-gapped deployment, including UI, SSO/SAML and release mechanics. Pre-production optimization and load testing improvements include: one-click, UI-based application scanning for easier experiment creation; improved visualization of experiments with trial logs and UI-based parameter editing; and Hail (perf testing engine) in-cluster for improved security & flexibility use for internal applications. 


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StormForge brings together world-class data scientists and software engineers to enable businesses to drive breakthrough IT and operations efficiency. The StormForge Platform is set apart by its unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to help people, not replace them. The StormForge Platform uses enterprise grade performance testing coupled with machine learning to drive major application performance gains and cost reductions in complex environments. In February 2020, StormForge announced funding from Insight Partners to accelerate the growth of its Platform. StormForge was founded in 2015 and is based in Boston and Washington, DC. Learn more at




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